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Giuseppe Gori, through his involvement in innovation, technology, family, music, church, business, broadcasting and politics, is committed to personal integrity and to promoting the dignity and incredible potential of every human being.  
He expects YOU to live up to the challenge!

Giuseppe believes that decentralization is the key to solving some of society’s most difficult problems.
In government, we have moved from kingdoms to democracies, to allow people more control on their lives.
In computer systems architecture, we have moved from centralized mainframes with hundreds of peripherals, to independent PC’s controlled by their end-users.

With crypto-network we are decentralising data on the blockchain and the security aspects of encryption. With new-generation crypto-networks we will decentralize addressability.
We thrive in free markets where people make autonomous decisions, not in centralized economies.

To believe in decentralization is to believe in people, in their worth, their ability to function, to decide for themselves, to be in control, to become contributing members of society.


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Selected articles:

About background radiation, spacetime curvature and empty spac
The theory of general relativity has been applied to the math, geometry and physics of cosmology for a hundred years. These theoretical results have been routinely compared and matched with our observable universe. The light, coming to us through spacetime, follows a straight line. By looking towards different directions in the sky we perceive the observable universe as a sphere, all the way back to the origins of the universe. What we see, when we observe the universe far away back in spacetime must be what "everything" was, according to cosmology theories: a visible footprint of a cosmic event that happened 13.7 Billion years ago. By interpreting the observable universe through this view... (See the whole article in PDF format)

Can Marxism and Capitalism be reconciled?
Marxism and capitalism are philosophies at opposite sides of the political spectrum.
The first calls for nationalization of industry and centralization of services.  The second seeks to limit government and de-centralize decision-making and rely on individual responsibility and the free market. (See the whole article in PDF format)


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What is the right amount of government?
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Marxism or Capitalism? Discover Economic Optimalism

A Unifying Approach to Macro-Economics


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Ideas and Innovation: D'Ascanio style

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The Amazing Magic Rhombicube (PDF file)


A number notation curiosity: A New Angle



You do not need a book, but just a word, to show that species did not form or evolve through random mutations... You do not need a book


A number to remember: 1020;


A new perspective on spacetime

observable universe


Some paradoxes resolved


Another Proof of Pythagoras' Theorem  (PDF file)



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